PCOD Symptoms

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Once you are aware of what is PCOD, it is essential to look for signs and symptoms of PCOD which will help in early diagnosis and treatment of the condition. The exact cause of the condition is not yet known. However, it is believed that it results due to hormonal problems. Environmental factors and genetics are the two PCOD symptoms which are believed to trigger the development of the condition.

It is essential to be aware of the Polycystic Ovarian Disease Symptoms and causes as it is one of the leading causes of infertility in women and is as well responsible for numerous symptoms that can impact a body emotionally and physically. The symptoms start showing up right after puberty. It can also develop during early adulthood or during late teens. PCOD goes unnoticed because the symptoms experienced are as well attributed to several other causes as well.

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Increase in weight

More than half of the women suffering from PCOD will experience a gain in weight. Obesity becomes difficult to manage in such cases.


Many women experiencing PCOS report low energy levels and fatigue. Poor sleep during the condition as well adds to the feeling of fatigue.


Unwanted hair growth is noted in women with PCOS. The areas impacted by an excess of hair growth include the abdomen, toes, thumbs, chest, back, arms and face. A change in the level of hormone androgen in the body is the key cause for hirsutism.


PCOD is the chief cause of infertility noted in women. Not every woman suffering from PCOD experiences the same symptoms. However, it is necessary for women with PCOD to opt for assistance while trying to conceive. Many are able to conceive in a natural manner though


Acne problems are caused due to hormonal changes. It is associated with the level of androgens fluctuations which are the key cause of acne. Darkened skin patches and development of skin tags are also commonly associated with PCOD.
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Fluctuations in Mood

Having PCOD can enhance the likelihood of anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Period pain

Pelvic pain also occurs during periods. Many notice heavy bleeding or no bleeding at all. Changes in hormones also prompt headaches.
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Sleep problems

Women suffering from PCOD often report poor sleep or insomnia. There are various factors that can impact one’s sleep. However, PCOD is linked to sleep apnea wherein a person stops breathing for short periods of time.
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Thinning hair

Middle age women suffering from the condition experience hair loss.