Patient Counseling

Anxiety and depression are commonly noted in women suffering from PCOD. Dr. Shashi Shrivastva believes that it is essential for patients to learn about the effects that the condition may have on their emotional and mental health. Emotional and mental health is as much important as a physical health of an individual. Anxiety and depression are common in women with PCOD and are several times overlooked by the specialists treating them. At our clinic, Dr. Shashi Shrivastva encourages women to share their feelings. She provides a polycystic ovary syndrome guide during patient counseling which can help them be aware of what is happening to them.
PCOS counseling in Bhopal is not offered at all the clinics. We are offering the program as per suggestions made by eminent gynecologist Dr. Shashi Shrivastva who forms the core of our PCOD clinic. We have taken all possible steps to offer the best care to our patients and hence have come with up the best PCOD patient counseling in Bhopal which can relieve them of all their worries. About 34 percent women with PCOD experience depression in comparison to general population. About 45 percent suffer from anxiety. A woman who is anxious and depressed is likely to take a longer time in receiving an accurate diagnosis of the condition.

We are a one of a kind PCOD treatment clinic in Bhopal that strives to offer the best possible care to our patients. We understand that anxiety and depression can impact the quality of living. It can impact an individual physically, socially and psychologically. Being diagnosed with a condition like PCOD can result in the development of mixed reactions in women. Not all experience such emotions, but it does result in frustration, anger, fear, shock, sadness and disbelief.
The journey to diagnosis is not smooth for many women. This can be stressful for women planning to conceive as PCOD pregnancy and delivery complications may lower their confidence leaving them in a state of shock. Diagnosis may be little difficult because of the complexity involved. Frustration and other feelings can result in delays in diagnosis which can be made worse due to lack of helpful and appropriate information.

The reaction to the diagnosis is dependent on numerous factors such as how long does it take to be diagnosed, the discussions done with healthcare specialists, the impact of PCOD on lifestyle, treatment options available, life situation and personality. Stress makes a woman feel threatened and makes her cripple when it comes to coping up with the situation. This is why a little motivation offered in the form of patient counseling can boost the results during a treatment.
Seeking support and undergoing counseling have proven to be beneficial for many women experiencing the condition. Many treatments are available and it differs from one individual to another. Few women notice considerable improvements only after a few sessions of patient counseling offered at our PCOD clinic. Opting for counseling can considerably enhance the quality of life of a patient seeking help in treating the condition.
At our clinic, we ensure that we offer a better understanding of what the condition is and how to manage the symptoms as soon as possible. We help the patients understand how stress can impact their emotional and physical health. Having a better understanding changes your perspective about how you look at things.