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A well-designed treatment plan offered by the best PCOD clinic Bhopal can help in reversing the disorder and in restoring the natural ovulation process in women. Dr. Shashi Shrivastva, an expert in the field, is the name behind our PCOD clinic. It is her passion that has driven us to come up with the best PCOS Clinic Bhopal to offer respite to ailing women struggling to combat the condition.

It is crucial to team up with the right healthcare professionals for PCOD treatment in Bhopal. SMC features a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Multidisciplinary Clinic which is equipped with the latest technology and the best gynecologist, Dr. Shashi Shrivastva, to offer the best care possible. This is one of its kinds PCOS Treatment Center in Bhopal which houses specialists from various fields under a single roof. This makes it possible for us to offer the best treatment plan to our patients.