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Pcos Treatment Center - Bhopal's Leading and Most Trusted Pcod Clinic

Polycystic Ovarian Disease impacts almost one out of ten women. Yet, the consequence it has on each woman is different. Difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight, acne, excess of facial or body hair and irregular periods are some of the most common symptoms experienced by women struggling with PCOD. The condition is often associated with predisposition, difficulties in getting pregnant, depression, type II diabetes and several other complications.

Our Pcod Clinic Bhopal employs an integrated approach to treating the condition under the valuable guidance of notable gynecologist, Dr. Shashi Shrivastva, who has made a name for herself in the field of medical science. Her dynamic attitude and years of experience has won her accolades in the stream. She works with a team of Top Pcos Specialists’ in creating an individual treatment plan suitable to each patient.

Dr. Shashi Shrivastva one of the Best Gynecologist In Bhopal encourages the patients to have an in-depth understanding about the syndrome and the best means available for treatment. The prime focus at Pcos Treatment Center Bhopal is on maintaining total health care of a patient suffering from PCOD. This is so because PCOD affected women are at an increased risk for developing long-term health complications such as heart disease and diabetes.

The PCOD center of SMC provides comprehensive care for women who are tackling the complications associated with PCOD. It is essential to control this condition linked with the excessive production of male hormones by the ovaries. The frequently encountered problems associated with this problem might be often embarrassing for many women. At our clinic, we offer the best possible treatment and help such women in leading a new phase of life by offering individualized treatment.